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Securing Your Healthcare and Financial Preferences for Your Later Years

Nobody wants to look too far into the future, but it is important that you are prepared when it comes. Should an accident or illness disable or incapacitate a loved one, it is important to know your options. Our skilled attorneys will represent you in matters of requiring guardianship or conservatorship, or becoming a guardian or conservator yourself. We will make sure you have all the information that goes along with these responsibilities and are fully aware of your rights. Your healthcare and finances will be in good hands when you apply for guardianship under our representation, and even if you become incapacitated, your estate will remain as strong as ever.

Plan Your Future Wishes In Advance With a Living Will

While we here at Higinbotham Law Offices provide excellent legal representation in cases of guardianship for dire circumstances, we recommend not letting it progress to that dire state. You have the ability to tell your doctor the type of care you wish to receive before accident or illness incapacitates you. Our excellent attorneys will assist you in forming an Advance Healthcare Directive, better known as a “living will”. This document will inform your healthcare professionals of your wishes in case of disability or incapacitation. Another option we can help you to form is a durable power of attorney. A durable power of attorney allows you to select someone you trust to act as your agent. This type of agreement will prevent your loved ones from paying court costs and filing yearly reports, as they would have to do if they became a court-appointed guardian instead.

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Social Security: Let Us Help You Get What You Are Entitled To!

If you have spent your whole life paying into the social security system then you are entitled to your money! Let the professionals at Higinbotham Law Offices fight for you to get just compensation. The money you have paid into social security belongs to you—not the government! We will fight for you so you can get every dime that is owed to you. Additionally, we can help you enroll in Medicare and counsel you on what the best plans for you and your future might be. Your finances and health are too important to leave to anybody but an experienced attorney. We know the steps it takes to appeal unfavorable decisions and cannot wait to get to work for you. Call our offices for more information!

We Take Pride in Our Senior Citizens

In our attorneys’ decades of practicing law, they have always had a strong proclivity for elder law and making sure that unsuspecting senior citizens cannot be taken advantage of. Whether you are looking for compensation for medical malpractice, have concerns over your rights in a hospital or nursing home, or are having difficulties ensuring that you can transfer social security benefits to your spouse and dependents, we will be your greatest ally! If you are a senior in Fayette County, Greene County, or a surrounding area, reach out to our law firm for legal assistance in matters of:

Power of Attorney

Healthcare Planning



Living Wills


Social Security

And More!

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