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One of the most common mistakes that folks make when purchasing or renting property is that they do not have an experienced attorney on their side. It is imperative that you have an attorney review all pertinent documents, especially when purchasing a new home, to make sure that the title is read thoroughly and nobody else has a claim to the property. Our attorneys at Higinbotham Law Offices will give you excellent counsel on your mortgaging options, review all titles, leases, and necessary contracts, and make sure your real estate buying or renting experience is successful the whole way through.

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Seeing Your Transaction Through from Start to Finish

Here at Higinbotham Law Offices, our motto is “Providing Caring Legal Services for Over 35 Years”—the keyword being caring. We are determined to see your real estate ventures through from start to finish and provide our caring touch to them. When you decide to purchase or rent property, our experienced attorneys will carefully examine the title, lease, and/or mortgage agreements before you sign. You deserve to know exactly what kinds of contracts you are signing without being fooled by any loopholes or surprises. We will negotiate to get you a fair agreement for all of your real estate ventures and make sure your transactions are registered with the proper government bodies when they are completed. Hopefully a few years down the road we can help you to include your property when planning your estate. If you are thinking about making a real estate transaction, stop and call our law offices beforehand to get the most effective legal care in southwestern PA.

What If I Have Issues With Existing Property?

While we certainly hope that your real estate transactions all end successfully, Higinbotham Law Offices are also there for you if you should hit an unfortunate bump in the road along the way when it comes to your home or rental. Whether you are facing eviction, foreclosure, or eminent domain, our attorneys will fight for your rights the whole way through. We have very good relationships with lenders and escrow companies across the region and will negotiate with them on your behalf to control any impending damage should you default on a rent or mortgage payment. On the issue of eminent domain, while we cannot stop the process from occurring, we can make sure you receive beyond just compensation if the government should choose to seize your property for commercial use. Call us today and let our experienced staff sort out any issues you may have with your existing property or rentals.

We Are Here for You!

Buying a new house, renting a new apartment, or making any other type of real estate transaction is one of the most significant moments of your life, but the biggest mistake you can make is doing it without professional legal consultation. At Higinbotham Law Offices, we will work hard to make sure your real estate transactions go through as smoothly as possible. We offer legal services in the following areas and beyond:








Transaction Recording

Eminent Domain

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